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Zurich is known as the global hub for banking and finance, but it is also a historic city filled with rich, medieval culture. 

Located at the northern end of Lake Zurich, it boasts ownership of the Cabaret Voltaire, the founding place of the Dada movement, the 9th-century Fraumunster church, which houses Marc Chagall's stained-glass windows, and other notable monuments. 

High-end fashion houses and banks fill the streets of Bahnhofsstrasse and the restaurants and cafes provide a delectable treat for every craving.

You can never run out of things to explore in Zurich. 



Let Lucerne romance you with its medieval architecture and snow-covered mountains overlooking a gorgeous blue lake. 

Its world-renowned preserved medieval architecture is evident in its most popular sites - the Chapel Bridge Old Town, Musegg Wall, and centuries-old watchtowers that are connected by walkways. 

You'll never lack adventure and excitement as the most popular activities are skiing and hiking on the Rig and Pilatus mountains. Feed your craving for the literary arts at the Kultur and Kongresszentrum, which features symphonic music and the performing arts. 

All Lucerne needs is you. 



Hugged by the magnificence of the Swiss Alps, Geneva is located on the southern tip of Lake Geneva and promises an enchanting trip.

The home of infamous chocolate brands and watches, Geneva has a history of producing high-quality and attractive treasures enjoyed all over the world. The headquarters for the United Nations and a bustling banking sector are located within its confines. 

The Geneva Water Fountain that jets high up into the sky, the St. Pierre Cathedral, and more than thirty museums around the city will provide enough exploration. 

A visit to Market Street is a must. Buy a Swiss watch or shop in any of the luxury stores. Take your pick of multiple hotels, all equipped with exquisite amenities and services to suit your needs.



Up in the Swiss Alps, there is a mountain village that is popular for luxury ski vacations and adventure.

Imagine stepping outside your room and looking at the iconic Matterhorn mountain peak! An indescribable view awaits! Enjoy your daily strolls in this car-free town. The cozy hotels provide stunning views of The Matterhorn, which is visible from anywhere in Zermatt. So majestic it is.

Hiking, skiing, railway rides, and cable car rides can easily fill your day. Unwind with a warm cup of hot chocolate and disappear into the mystique of this natural wonder.



Interlaken is a magical resort town with an abundance of flowers and greenery.

Nestled between Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, Interlaken allows visitors to relax in its open comfortable atmosphere. Kayaking, hiking and other thrill-inducing activities are available. 

Forests, lakes and meadows provide the perfect backdrop for a calming picnic or sip Swiss coffee at one of the cafes. Visit the many parks or Harder Klum. 

This bright, colorful resort town will not disappoint. 

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