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Beach Vacation

We at Bluntzer Travel, a full-service luxury travel company, want to bring you the most memorable experiences possible. We pride ourselves on industry knowledge and partnering with you to make your travel dreams come true! We put a lot of time, effort and passion into you and your bespoke experiences. We know your time is valuable, as is ours, so we have answered a few frequently asked questions below:

  • What are your Planning Fees?
    Please visit our CONSULTING SERVICES page for more information.
  • How Do We Get Started?
    Brownell (my host agency) designed a wonderful program we use with clients called Discover More. Discover More is Brownell/Bluntzer Travel’s collaborative experience for clients who understand that travel is more than merely taking a trip. Our role is to become your trusted advisor for your most treasured resource – your time away. Once you receive and complete our Discover More Inquiry Form, we will set up a 30 minute call to discuss your plans. We like to have an in depth conversation to discover more about your expectations for the trip and to get to know you as a traveler. We will establish if we are a mutual fit, then send you an outline of your itinerary. Once approved, we will charge the appropriate planning fees and confirm space.
  • Do I Need to Have a Budget in Mind?
    Yes! This really helps us manage expectations for you as to what we can offer. We partner with the very best affiliates to bring you amazing properties, tours, excursions, transfers, etc. Almost all of our partner hotels start at $900 a night per room so it is a good idea to make sure we are the right travel advisors for you! We cannot get started without an idea of budget.
  • Are All Individual Costs of the Trip Broken-down For Me to See?
    Most of our clients prefer to use our turnkey offerings as the packages we put together will bring bigger savings in the end. If you would like a price breakdown, we are happy to do that for you, but we will need to know from the on-set so we proceed accordingly.
  • How long will it take to get my Travel Information/Itinerary?
    We are just as excited about your upcoming travel plans as you are! We work hard to bring you the very best we offer, and this takes time. Keep in mind we work with people all over the world in different countries, time zones, etc. so we sometimes are at their mercy. We put all of the pieces of the puzzle together for your trip, so we need time to make it seamless. Final documents are generally sent 14 days prior to travel.


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