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Oia Santorini

Oia Santorini


Arguably the most beautiful village in Santorini, Oia Santorini is a picturesque village overlooking a volcano and the island of Thirassia.

Warm sunsets pull visitors from all over the world. Add the charming houses and verandas and you'll have a vacation filled with peace and tranquillity. 

Activities available - strolls through the village, sailing across the Caldera and relaxing in the luxurious hotels. Visit the Oia Castle and the Maritime Museum and enjoy the spectacular views.

Greece is calling you to join in its luxury. Will you heed its call?


Luxury with excitement!

Mykonos is the place for adrenaline lovers. Explore the fun-filled beaches on an island with rich history and tradition. Walk through the narrow streets and take in the Cycladic architecture, the brightly-painted doors, white-washed houses and beautiful views. 

The fun never stops in Mykonos. Paradise and Super Paradise beaches are world-famous for their all-night, high-intensity party atmosphere. There are multiple diving clubs to facilitate divers and wind-sailors from around the world. Immerse yourself in the history of Mykonos. Visit the Panayia Paraportiani Church, the most photographed church in the world, and visit the various museums while you're there. 

If you want a vacation that's a little less intense, Matoyánni Street is lined with luxury boutiques, cafes and restaurants. Visit the northern end of the island for a more relaxed beach vibe and sleep or read a nice book with the azure waters as your backdrop.  






The capital city of Greece is home to the famous landmarks such as the Acropolis and the Parthenon Temple, the shrine dedicated to the Goddess Athena, of whom the city was named. It provides visitors with a peek of the life of the Ancient Greeks. 

Often noted as the pillar of Western Civilization, Athens holds the perfect balance of history and modern, contemporary civilization we all know now. Its legacy is built on its ruins, philosophy, mythology, and its creative arts. A simple walk through the streets will give a glimpse of buildings over thousands of years old and the influences of empires such as the Ottoman. 

Luxurious hotels provide the perfect spot for relaxation during your travels. Thermally heated lakes and lovely beaches are waiting on you to bask in their waters. 



Fall in love with the romantic allure of Corfu, an island influenced by French, Venetian and British rule, we can thank them for its multi-cultural personality. 

Some of the best beaches in Greece are located in Corfu. Find them beneath magnificent mountains, hugged by lush forests. Corfu houses palaces, mansions and museums that speak of its varied culture. With some of the most luxurious hotels in Greece, it promises a haven for rest and unwinding. Visit one of their many spas and try some of their local specialities. 

For activities, try paragliding, wakeboarding and waterskiing on Dassia beach. 

There is more than enough on offer to suit all your needs. 



Impressive black and multi-colored beaches line Santorini's coast, the result of a volcanic eruption thousands of years ago.

One of the most famous spots in Greece, Santorini is best known for its Caldera, a sea-filled crater also called by the volcanic eruption. The cliff-edge villages that line its streets entice visitors from all over the world. Cruise ships escort them on onsite excursions such as archaeological sites such as Ancient There and Akrotiri. 

Visit the local farms and wineries away from the coast and indulge in some of the finest Santorini wines. Stay in the fabulous hotels and villas on the island and it will be a vacation you will never forget.

Santorini is the jewel in Greece's crown. Are you ready to be dazzled?

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