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Approx 40 hours


GMT + 2


Kwacha (Mk) + 100 tambala


Chichewa (57.2%) is the official language, Chinyanja, Chiyao and Chitumbuka are also widespread but there are more


Check the FCO for latest visa & travel advice


Lake Malawi

Lake Malawi

Eight-largest lake in the world.

Lake MalawiThe world's eighth largest lake and the third largest of the Great Lakes of Africa. With shorelines in Tanzania, Mozambique as well as Malawi, it's also known as Lake Nyasa and evocatively, as the Lake of Stars.

Malawi's dominant geographical feature is home to more species of fish than any other lake in the world, including upwards of 1,000 species of cichlid and numerous species that are found here alone. Its fresh water habitat also supports some wonderful African wildlife, including crocodiles, hippos and a large population of birds - including the impressive fish eagles, which feed off the Lake's abundant fish supplies.

The Lake of Stars is fringed in parts by many of Malawi's best hotels and resorts and possible activities on the waters include sailing, kayaking in pirogues - flat bottom locally crafted canoes - snorkelling and scuba diving. Spending lazy days on the lakeside beaches is another Lake Malawi pleasure.

Mulanje Mountain

Mulanje Mountain

 Mountain Range with over 20 peaks.

Mulanje Mountain

Imagine a mountain range with over 20 peaks towering over 2500, beautifully-crafted rock formations, river, gorges, and waterfalls all in one place. The Mulanje Mountains has them all.

Take a few days to explore the various hiking trails and even camp on the mountains. Guides are available for hire to help you explore the majestic mountains. 

The Mulanje Mountains are so high that they have their own climate. A wide variety of wildlife and birds, including antelopes and black eagles, make the mountains their home. 

Hike the most majestic slopes in Malawi and make it a vacation to remember. Incredibly lush landscape, vast vegetation and animals, including the endangered cypress, some over 200 years old, are what awaits you in the Mulanje Mountains. 


Mandala House

Mandala House

Largest building in Malawi.

Mandala House in Blantyre

Mandala House is the oldest European building in Malawi. It is also the largest building in Malawi. Originally built to house the managers of the Africa Lakes, visitors are now able to explore its colonial-style grandeur. 

While there, relax in the cosy Mandala Cafe or walk the encasing verandahs. If you are seeking more infusion, the La Galleria art gallery and Society of Malawi Library & Archive are perfect to suit your cravings. 

Relax in one of the luxurious hotels nearby and make it a trip to remember.

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Majete Wildlife Reserve.
Unspoilt Malawi Reserve. 

Majete Wildlife Reserve

Deep in south-west Malawi is the restored, majestic Majete Wildlife Reserve. 

The Majete Wildlife Reserve is the flouring home to lions, black rhinos, elephants, cheetahs, and more. It is the only Big 5 reserve in Malawi. The reserve has seen a restoration unlike any other. Just 15 years ago, poaching and other illegal activities almost completely eradicated the wildlife on the reserve. Now, under new management, the reserve is thriving with over 12,000 animals in occupancy.


In the truly unspoilt wilderness of Malawi, you can experience nature in its truest form. The reserve offers guided tours and walks where you are able to see and encounter the animals and birds along the way. 

Interact with the locals and sample their traditional lifestyles and dishes.  The warm, friendly natives are ready to help you get the most out of your experience. 

Liwonde National Park

Liwonde National Park

Animals in their natural habitat.

Liwonde National Park

The 'African Parks' run Liwonde National Park in Malawi is most notable for wildlife translocations and re-introductions.

With an increasing wildlife population, the park hosts nature-lovers from all over the world who enjoy observing the animals. Home to lions, cheetahs, elephants, and more, the park holds the title of having one of the largest translocations in history when 336 elephants were transferred to another reserve.


If you love animals and if seeing them in their natural habitat excites you, then a visit to Liwonde National Park is in order for you.


Let us help you plan your trip. 


Lilongwe Wildlife Center

The only wildlife sanctuary in Malawi.

Lilongwe Wildlife Center

Lilongwe Wildlife Center is the first and only wildlife sanctuary in Malawi. It is home to orphaned, injured and rescued wild animals and is one of the leading conservation charities in Malawi with global recognition for its high standards. 

The center is doing remarkable work rescuing animals and providing rehabilitation. These animals are later released into the wild when they are ready; they are monitored until they are fully integrated. 

The Lilongwe Wildlife Center is not a Zoo, but visitors are able to tour the facility and see the work being done for the animals. Some of the animals you might see are baboons, lions, and blue and vervet monkeys. While there, you can stroll the woodland trails and explore the cafe and recreational areas. 

Support a worthy cause for the animals we all love. Visit the Lilongwe Wildlife Center and make a difference for the animals we all love. 

Zomba Plateau

Zomba Plateau

Adventure-filled mountain range in Malawi.

Zomba Plateau

The Zomba Plateau is a mountain range in Malawi, made up of pine, cypress and an abundance of wild and mixed vegetation. The highest mountain peaks at over 2,000m and is a sight to behold.

Forests, streams, tumbling waterfalls and lakes. The Zomba Plateau is an adventure-filled destination that provides adrenaline-inducing activities such as hiking, trekking and strolling through the forests. Hire a powerful 4x4 for a little more fun. The views from the plateau are so stunning that they were described as 'the best views in the British Empire'. 

Kick your adventure up a notch by indulging in some horseback riding, fly-fishing for trout and observing the vast birdlife and giant butterflies. If you're lucky, you might spot a leopard or two and maybe some baboons. 

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