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The R&R issue showcases the best trips for a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

All paths lead to wellness in our new issue, focusing on spa stays, nature retreats, boot camps, and beyond. Bonus: We also mined the interior worlds of the zodiac to produce (purely unscientific but, we believe, surprisingly spot on) personalized horoscopes meant to help you stay healthy in the year ahead. Also inside, a Virtuoso advisor shares how cruising can boost your emotional and cognitive well-being, and top chefs weigh in on the next big nexus of nutrition and flavor. Rounding out the issue: comfort-first footwear, trip worthy 19th holes (raise a dram to your health at St Andrews’ Road Hole Bar), spring flings from Kentucky to Japan, eco-based aqua adventures in Maldives, and how travel can be a force for the greater good.

— Joel Centano, editor

Welcome to 2020! Reflecting back on the turn of the millennium, I marvel at how much has changed in the world, and in my own life. 

In 2000, I was pregnant with my first child, who’s now a freshman in college – and an avid traveler with a passport full of stamps. She’s never known an airport where families could greet their loved ones at the gate, luggage without wheels, cameras with film, or trip planning without the Internet. As a global citizen, however, she does know the power of travel to unite. And as a digital native, she knows the volume of information out there is at once empowering and overwhelming.

That’s the beauty of working with a Virtuoso travel advisor, who has the know-how and network of connections to help create personalized itineraries that might elude a DIYer. Interestingly, the digital age, which some predicted would mean the end of the transactional travel agent, actually created demand for a more sophisticated travel advisor, who can curate through the clutter.

In honor of 2020, this issue takes a walk down memory lane, with an eye toward what’s ahead. I hope you’ll find plenty of inspiration to fill your travel calendar for the year ahead – and beyond.


— Elaine Srnka, vice president, content

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