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How to Choose the Best Luxury Travel Operator/Agency?

A good travel agency can furnish you with a complete range of travel services & the ability to conveniently talk with a real person. That can make all the difference when you have a problem or need some individual advice/assistance.

Here are some issues to consider while choosing the best luxury tour company in the United States.

What Makes a Travel Company Real?

Usually, anyone can open a business & call themselves a travel agency in the America. At least eleven states require registration, but this usually is no more complicated than filling out a form & paying an annual fee. It doesn't guarantee professionalism or excellent service, & often it doesn't ensure the safety of payments you will make to the agency.

Airlines require travel agencies to meet specific minimum standards before they allow them the privilege of issuing airline tickets. Still, these standards are easily achieved, & the ability to earn tickets is no longer essential to many agencies (due to no longer earning commissions from such transactions), so not all 'real' agencies worry about getting this accreditation these days.

Although the travel industry is generally keen to avoid any complicated qualification procedures that would control their establishment. The absence of any formal quality controls means that there is a considerable variation in the quality of service provided by travel agencies.

A reliable travel agency will be an invaluable help to you in scheduling your travel. Don't let the dismaying abundance of not so good group of travel agencies dissuade you – use the information in this article to help see using a company like Bluntzer Travel is a great experience.

What Type of Travel Help Do You Require?

Travel is usually divided into two categories - 'corporate' or business type travel, & 'leisure' or personal, vacation type travel.

Ask a tour agency 'are you primarily corporate or leisure'? If your requirements are principally for business travel a corporate-focused agency is a better choice. It also makes sense to buy your personal trip from a different agency that specializes in leisure travel. The possibilities are that your corporate agency won't even mind because they just don't offer the services that leisure travel clients need in comparison to the business ones.

How to pick or find the right travel agent?

With approximately 100,000 travel agents in the U.S., finding the apt one to plan your next vacation can look like a daunting task. Locating an appropriate or a good travel agent is quite similar to locating a right doctor, who oversees the travel agent membership program for maybe Bluntzer Travel, a network of more than #123 agents globally. This may appear extreme — after all, they’re only scheduling your travel. Your vacation time is unquestionably your most valuable asset, so why would you trust just anyone with it?

Here, we share some tips on how to find the perfect agent:


Do you need someone who is an expert in a specific destination to assist with planning one distinct trip, such as a gorilla trekking adventure in #XYZ? Or are you exploring for someone who can help you in planning your vacation package for the upcoming numerous years, effectively someone who becomes an expert in your travel desires?

Working together with Bluntzer Travel, all this can be managed by a single person, knowing what you want from your travel options may also lead you to a completely distinct journey.


Some travel agents might sketch every aspect of your trip, from reserving airfare to making dinner bookings. At the same time, some might offer a second opinion about your sketched research. Some favor phone interaction, while others are happy conversing via email or text.

It’s necessary to work with an advisor who meets your travel planning personality. You can sense if your travel agent is happy to hold your hand or drop you alone by asking them questions related to your package deal directly. You’ll find that most are forthcoming about their communication style & travel planning process.


It’s not surprising for advisers to charge a fee for offering their services, which could vary from $#123 to any hundred dollars, depending on the complexity of your destination wedding or tour. Charging fees is a growing practice because advisers contribute several hours planning their clients’ trip & would have difficulty making a sustainable living without being compensated for their time. You are hiring a travel agent’s knowledge & for the perks, they’re competent to score for you.

The extras advisors can dress their clients with, at no cost, could probably include room upgrades, early check-ins & late checkouts at hotels & VIP amenities, airport transfers, the facility of credit cards, etc.


A good & reliable travel consultant may also inquire about your interests & fitness abilities before they pitch you any ideas for an itinerary. They might also make recommendations for activities or sights that you didn’t even have in mind. Embrace their advice because they’re the experts.

As a rule of thumb, the more travel options you’ll have, the better the travel experience. One of the primary reasons we travel is to gain a better understanding of the world & to appreciate its variety. Remain open to surprises & don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone. The most memorable & rewarding experiences are often unexpected.

Creating a Win-Win Connection

If you want a travel agent to work hard & well for you, you need to incentivize them accordingly. You need to explain to them that you are indeed seriously committed to dealing with them &  their agency & that their time & effort spent researching travel products for you will surely be compensated by your subsequent purchase of travel through them.

These days travel agents can spot a 'shopper' a mile away—a person who picks their brains for free advice, but who then does not reward the free advice with their business. Expect to pay a good travel agent for their time, advice, & assistance.

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